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Liu Jiaru, an expert in construction machinery accessories, teaches you how to grasp the development pulse of traditional industries
DYNAMIC 2019-11-19 1438

After decades of steady development, China's construction machinery industry has shown vigorous vitality, and its scale efficiency has become an important pillar industry in China's national economic industry

In recent years, construction machinery parts have also been developed, and construction machinery parts manufacturers have seized this opportunity to expand the scale and rectify the market, so as to achieve greater development.

Ms. Liu Jiaru, an expert in China's construction machinery parts, mainly deals with the work of construction machinery parts. Ms. Liu said that China's construction machinery industry has gone through a golden decade, and now it has developed into a manufacturing country in the construction machinery industry. Many enterprises occupy a place in the overseas market, and leading enterprises in China have acquired well-known overseas enterprises. Since 2012, construction machinery parts will become the development focus.

Secretary General Su of China Construction Machinery Association once said that if enterprises fail to focus on the research and development of key parts in the 12th Five Year Plan, they will surely be controlled by others. Key parts of construction machinery are the foundation, support and bottleneck of the development of construction machinery products. To master the field of construction machinery, only by solving the production of key parts, can the enterprise have the core competitiveness.

The first decade of the 21st century is a decade of rapid development of China's construction machinery industry. Despite the global financial storm in 2008 and 2009, Ms. Liu believes that in the second decade of the 21st century, China's construction machinery industry will maintain a high-speed development trend and will be able to challenge the international construction machinery industry.

With regard to the problems existing in various enterprises of construction machinery, Ms. Liu said that an important standard of construction machinery products is user satisfaction. The success of production enterprises should be reflected by the higher economic benefits that users can create because of using their production equipment; the success or failure of market competition also depends on the economic benefits that manufacturers create for users. In addition, the manufacturing enterprises should improve and improve the technical performance and quality of the formed products regularly and in a planned way, so as to promote the continuous innovation of the construction process and form a good cooperative relationship between the production enterprises and the users. Enterprises should be able to scale, speed, efficiency, system, originality, single machine, complete set and export with grade. And enterprises in R & D, production and management should be more courageous, not afraid of difficulties.

Liu Jiaru also said that brand promotion and talent cultivation will also be the two major directions of China's construction machinery parts in the future. It is important to keep up with the world trend, promote the production and development speed of China's construction machinery parts, promote the common development of the whole industry and build a brilliant future.

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