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Analysis on the competition and development prospect of construction machinery industry
Industry 2019-11-19 1419

At present, the competition in the construction machinery industry is mainly between the leading enterprises and the advantageous industrial clusters (bases). With the industrial resources continuously concentrated to the leading enterprises, the market concentration of construction machinery is on the rise as a whole. In 2011, the sales revenue of the top 50 enterprises in the construction machinery industry accounted for 86% of the whole industry; in the 2011 top 50 list of global construction machinery manufacturers sponsored and published by China Construction Machinery magazine, XCMG, Zoomlion, Sany, Liugong and other 11 enterprises were listed on the list, and the annual sales of the three "aircraft carrier" enterprises of XCMG, Zoomlion and sany exceeded 80 billion yuan, accounting for China's top 50 construction machinery business revenue accounted for 60%. In addition, the sales revenue of 12 enterprises including foreign-invested enterprises in China exceeded 10 billion yuan.

In general, the construction machinery manufacturing industry has basically formed a market competition pattern in which large enterprises dominate the market segments, and each enterprise conducts product and market penetration with each other. With the continuous promotion of the market competition and penetration, the construction machinery industry will further create a large construction machinery group with more comprehensive product series and larger enterprise scale. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, China will focus on building 3-4 enterprise groups with sales reaching 100 billion yuan and 5-6 enterprise groups with sales reaching 50 billion yuan. It is expected that in the next few years, large-scale M & A, large-scale restructuring and M & A cases going out of * * will continue to appear, and the market concentration of various products will further improve.

(5) Development prospect of construction machinery industry

1. Industrial upgrading

At present, China's construction machinery industry has a certain scale, and has a good long-term development prospects, but there are still problems in the product structure, showing low-end overcapacity, lack of competitiveness of high-end products. At the same time, China's labor cost is constantly increasing, and the main downstream industries of construction machinery, such as real estate, infrastructure, mining and so on, are labor-intensive industries, which will promote these downstream industries to put forward higher requirements for the efficiency, performance, reliability of construction machinery products to reduce labor cost; on the other hand, the continuous rise of RMB exchange rate also makes low-end projects The export profit space of mechanical products is shrinking, and increasing the added value of products through technological upgrading will become the general trend; in addition, the implementation of various national energy conservation and environmental protection policies and supporting policies for high-tech industries will also accelerate the adjustment of enterprise product lines. All of the above factors will accelerate the pace of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the construction machinery industry, and provide guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of the construction machinery industry.

2. Optimize industrial structure

At present, the low-end products in China's construction machinery market, such as bulldozers and loaders, are basically in the state of overcapacity. On the one hand, due to the low technical threshold and low added value of products, the gross profit margin of these products is generally low, and the market competition is fierce; on the other hand, the market expansion of these products is limited, and some products even tend to be replaced and eliminated. Therefore, it is impossible to maintain the healthy and sustainable development of the company and the whole industry simply by expanding production capacity to achieve large-scale growth. It is predicted that the industrial structure adjustment of construction machinery industry will be accelerated in the next few years, and the structural growth brought by this will become an important force to promote the development of construction machinery industry.

3. Merger and reorganization

China's construction machinery industry has benefited from the sustained and high-speed development of China's economy, especially the investment in fixed assets and the support of relevant policies. The industry scale has leaped to the first place in the world. At present, although the leading enterprises in China's construction machinery industry have certain international competitiveness, there is still a huge gap compared with international giants such as Caterpillar and Komatsu. In the "12th Five Year Plan" revision opinions, it has been clearly proposed that the construction machinery industry will be encouraged to merge and restructure. Through merger and reorganization, it can effectively integrate resources, avoid repeated investment and waste, eliminate backward production capacity, support and cultivate international companies with growth potential, and then drive the technological progress and scale expansion of the whole construction machinery industry, so as to realize the industrial upgrading and healthy development of the construction machinery industry.

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