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Construction machinery parts selection doorway
QUESTION 2019-11-19 1377

Spare parts is a powerful industrial chain derived from construction machinery. As long as it is the users of construction machinery, they must be exposed to the problem of purchasing and using spare parts. But now the quality of spare parts in the market can be said to be uneven. Many users have encountered problems such as how to buy, how to distinguish the authenticity of imported spare parts, and whether the online purchase of spare parts is reliable. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the problem of purchasing spare parts that you often encounter.

Accessories classification

Construction machinery parts are divided into original factory parts, supporting factory parts and auxiliary factory parts. The parts purchased by the main engine factory from the supporting factory and sold as after-sales maintenance parts are called genuine parts. The quality is guaranteed, but the price is expensive. The original supporting parts of the main engine, namely OEM parts, are from one company with the same quality and different packaging, but the price is lower than that of the pure parts. However, due to the high price of the original factory parts and supporting factory parts, many users often choose the auxiliary factory parts to replace their cars in consideration of the cost after the warranty period. Auxiliary Factory Parts refer to the parts produced by non manufacturer's authorized manufacturers, which are marked with their own factory name and have their own trademark, but there is no logo of manufacturer's brand, which will be written "applicable to XX and XX models". These auxiliary parts are generally produced by small factories, but there are also some produced by large international factories.

It is worth mentioning that many users confuse the sub factory parts with fake and shoddy parts. The sub factory parts are not exactly equivalent to the fake and shoddy parts. Fake and shoddy parts refer to the manufacturers of three kinds of accessories, namely, fake supporting factory parts, authentic accessories and auxiliary factory parts, or using inferior materials. There are also some good quality accessories in the market. As long as the model is applicable, the owner can use it at ease. Unfortunately, the sub factory parts are often counterfeited by some illegal manufacturers. As time goes by, in the minds of the owners, the sub factory parts are equivalent to the fake and shoddy parts.

Users have different opinions on whether to choose the original factory parts or the auxiliary factory parts. Some users suggest using the original factory parts, so as to protect the machine to a certain extent. However, some users also suggest that in addition to the use of original parts for important parts, some unimportant parts can also be replaced by auxiliary parts.

Some parts that are not particularly important can be used even if they are not purchased from the original factory and the domestic ones are qualified. Mainly engine and hydraulic pump parts, especially engine parts.

For excavators within 5 years, it is recommended to use genuine parts (in fact, the probability of large parts breaking down is not high at this time, and small things can not cost a lot of money). For machines over 5 years, if you are willing to use machines that are definitely not sold, I still suggest to buy genuine parts or original parts! Filter elements and oil products should be pure parts as much as possible, and the price of some brand maintenance parts is on the high side. It is recommended to replace them with original factory parts, and never buy counterfeit parts with marks.

Distinguish the true from the false

It's a headache for users to choose accessories. Now the accessories market can be said to be a mixture of good and bad. They buy fake and shoddy products by accident. In particular, many users spent a lot of money to buy the so-called "imported original" but found that they were cheated. How to distinguish the authenticity of imported originals has also become a science. Xiaobian has collected some information about identifying imported parts, which may provide some reference for users when purchasing parts.

Judging from the price, the price of fake goods is usually only a fraction of that of real goods. If you find that the price of a product is very different from the normal price when you buy accessories, you should be more vigilant. In addition, if there's any business saying that it doesn't include tax and "aquatic products", it's often an excuse to cover up fake and shoddy products and tempt the hook with low price.

It is an important procedure to identify the imported parts according to the packaging. The packaging of pure components and accessories of foreign professional supporting factories is exquisite, with certain rules for color, pattern and style, which is generally difficult to copy. The imitated packaging is rough and easy to distinguish. However, some imitators rely on the modern advanced printing technology to make the parts packaging very lifelike. If they do not carefully identify them, it is difficult to distinguish them. Generally, the imported mechanical parts have external and internal packaging, and the external packaging has packaging box and packaging box; the internal packaging is generally packaging paper with logo, plastic bag or paper bag. The outer packing boxes (boxes) of pure imported accessories are all pasted with uniform manufacturers, clear printing, excellent paper, and printed with geninearts9 (pure parts) mark, and marked with part number, name, quantity, manufacturer and country. But the imitated label printing is not precise, and the color is either light or heavy, which is difficult to be consistent with the pure package. The part number printed by computer and the color marked by the manufacturer are not light or heavy, and the authenticity can be distinguished by careful identification. From the perspective of packing case (box), the imported packing case (box) has a tight texture and clear pattern.

In general, the packaging box is printed with the manufacturer's and pure part marks, such as Komatsu and genuineparts printed on the whole packaging box by Komatsu, Mitsubishi and genuineparts printed on the whole packaging box, while the imitated packaging is also printed with these marks, but the color is not correct and the pattern is not clear. In order to prevent counterfeiting, some foreign companies have anti-counterfeiting marks on their packaging labels, which can be noted during identification. The inner packaging is usually paper, paper bag or plastic bag, with pure parts and company marks printed on the package. The pattern, color and pattern of packaging paper are difficult to be the same as the imitations.

When identifying the packaging of imported parts, it should also be noted that the engineering machinery and automobile manufacturers have their own professional suppliers of spare parts. When importing accessories from manufacturers, there are both marks of the complete machine factory and matching factory on the packing box. For example, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has its piston ring matched by Japan's rikencorportation Co., Ltd. and its outer packing box is printed with Rik mark. However, the single piston ring box inside is a Mitsubishi marked flower box package, which is marked with Mitsubishi. The piston ring instruction manual not only indicates Mitsubishi Motor Co., Ltd., but also indicates that there is a reasonable research Co., Ltd., so don't mistakenly think that the internal and external inconsistency is not a pure part.